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Författare: Lee Child
Genre: Action
ISBN: 9780440241003

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Jack Reacher.
The ultimate loner.
An elite ex-military cop who left the service years ago, he's moved from place to place...without family...without possessions...without commitments.
And without fear. Which is good, because trouble--big, violent, complicated trouble--finds Reacher wherever he goes. And when trouble finds him, Reacher does not quit, not once...not ever.
But some unfinished business has now found Reacher. And Reacher is a man who hates unfinished business.
Ten years ago, a key investigation went sour and someone got away with murder. Now a chance encounter brings it all back. Now Reacher sees his one last shot. Some would call it vengeance. Some would call it redemption. Reacher would call it...justice.
Medelbetyg: 2,5 (2 röster)
Bok recensioner av Persuader :
2009-10-13 08:54

The hope.

It’s always nice to find a worth reading series. When I started reading I found Kenzie and Gennaro(Lehane), Arkady Renko(Cruz Smith) and Charlie Parker(Connolly), all great series that introduced me to Crime Fiction in a way I would’ve never expected.

Approaching a new author is a lot more difficult than you might think; pick the wrong book from a good author and that author can go to waste. It happened to me when I read Robert Crais’ debut and mediocre “The Monkey's Raincoat”. I assume that Robert Crais got better with time but that will have to be seen the next time I pick one of his books up… but when?

So in this quest for great new characters I bought Lee Child’s “Persuader”. It’s not the first book in the Jack Reacher series — I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice — and it has got, according to, great rates.


“Persuader” is one of the most boring books I’ve ever read. There is no mystery, there are no turns and twists and Jack Reacher feels like a cartoon character. The plot is ridiculously simple. Lee Child seems to be a meticulous author, so an action scene that in movies takes a few seconds here in the book can be described in 3 or 4 pages. I finished “Persuader” because I cheated since as of page 350 I read only the dialogues and even these were boring.

Do yourself a favor and see “First Blood”, “Jason Bourne” or “Man on Fire” if you want to get a real action and adrenaline kick.

Betyg 1
2017-02-09 17:56
Jack Reacher discovers a man he believed died ten years ago is still alive. The man has some relation with a rich carpet importer. Reacher and some of the government agents will agree that Reacher will try to get into the circle of the importer's family. The novel describes the events of ten years ago when it happened something very terrible that Reacher can never forget parallel with what is happening right now. A good story about a hero who seem to manage everything. A book for all readers who love Lee Child's writhing.
Betyg 4

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