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Gone for Good

Författare: Harlan Coben
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
ISBN: 9780440236733

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Eleven years ago, Ken fled his family's suburban New Jersey neighborhood after Will's ex-girlfriend, Julie Miller, was raped and strangled. The Kleins eventually convinced themselves that Ken perished on the lam. But as Will discovers, the facts are not so simple. On her deathbed, his mother tells him that Ken is still alive. Then Will's girlfriend and "soul mate" disappears too, only to have her fingerprints turn up at a New Mexico homicide scene. How are these tragedies connected? And what's their relationship to the recent appearance of a contract killer known as the Ghost? With help from an abused ex-hooker, a former white supremacist turned yoga guru, and Julie's younger sister, Will finds himself in a tightly twisted plot that turns on double identities and misplaced trust and that forces him to dig for the courage he was always sure he lacked.

Medelbetyg: 3 (1 röster)

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Bok recensioner av Gone for Good :

CristianHC 2010-02-03 14:16

A couple of months ago I went to downtown Stockholm and bought lots of books. “Gone for Good” was one of them. Like I usually do when reading a book from an unknown author, I did some research on Harlan Coben and it seemed that “Gone for Good” was his best book.

I liked the way Harlan Coben is able to spin the plot. When you think you’ve everything figured out, he make a turn there and another here and you’re lost. He is really good at that, but “Gone for Good” is too light, too two dimensional. You can forget about finding the emotions author like Dennis Lehane(Gone Baby Gone or Mystic River) or Martin Cruz Smith (Gorky Park or Red Square) brings with their books. It feels like it was written by a talented fifteen year old writer. Very talented indeed, but a fifteen year old kid nevertheless.
In the end the only worth in this book are those great twists that surely will mess with your mind.


Betyg 3

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