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Författare: Jo Nesbø
Genre: Crime Fiction, Msytery
ISBN: 9780099505938

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Grainy CCTV footage shows a man walking into a bank and putting a gun to a cashier's head. He tells her to count to twenty-five. When he doesn't get his money in time, she is executed. Detective Harry Hole is assigned to the case. While Harry's girlfriend is away in Russia, an old flame gets in touch. He goes to dinner at her house and wakes up at home with no memory of the past twelve hours. The same morning the girl is found shot dead in her bed. Harry begins to receive threatening e-mails. Is someone trying to frame him for this unexplained death? Meanwhile the bank robberies continue with unparalleled savagery. Gripping and surprising, "Nemesis" is the new thriller by one of the biggest stars of Scandinavian crime fiction.
Medelbetyg: 5 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av Nemesis :
2009-10-05 13:44

Bravo… Jo Nesbø… once again!

“Nemesis” is the second entry in the Harry Hole series. English translated books.
It seems lots of people have gotten a bit confused with the fact that the books haven’t been released in the right order to the English speaking/reading world. So, if you are new to Nesbø and you happen to read in English, then read first “The Redbreast”, then this book and then “The Devil’s Star”, book I attempt to read as soon as I once again feel forced to read, perhaps, the best Scandinavian crime fiction author of the moment.
And who Am I to give such a statement? A guy who constantly reads crime fiction and that regardless the lack of knowledge about Scandinavian crime/mystery authors (although Mankell and Indridason must count as reference) thinks that this bold statement is what an intelligent writer like Nesbø deserve.
I must say that my favorite authors are either Americans: Lehane, Cruz Smith, Lee Burke or European (non Scandinavian), Wilson and Connolly. In my humble opinion these guys belongs to a category of their own. They write mystery, but what they write about and how they write it goes beyond the so called mystery genre.
That’s what I feel when reading “Nemesis”, I don’t think of Jo Nesbø merely as a Scandinavian author. What I think is:

“He belongs with the big guys in my list"

And that’s why I said once again… Bravo!

Betyg 5

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