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The Man From St. Petersburg

Författare: Ken Follett
Genre: Historisk roman
Ämnesord: filosofi, depression, krig, mat, politik, hälsa, mord, religion, natur, historia, kärlek, kultur, spänning, vetenskap, ungdom, england, ryssland, rösträtt
ISBN: 9780451163516

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The Man From St Petersburg is a dark tale of family secrets and political consequences. Ken Follett's masterful storytelling brings to life the danger of a world on the brink of war.It is just before the outbreak of World War I and Britain must enlist the aid of Russia. Czar Nicholas's nephew is to visit London for secret naval talks with Lord Walden, who has lived in Russia and has a Russian wife, Lydia. But there are other people who are interested in the arrival of Prince Alexei: the Waldens' only daughter, Charlotte - willful, idealistic, and with an awakening social conscience; Basil Thompson, head of the Special Branch; and, above all, Feliks Kschessinky, the ruthless Russian anarchist. No one could have foretold that Lydia should recognize Feliks, or that she might put her own daughter's life at risk for his sake. As the secret negotiations progress, the destinies of these characters become ineluctably enmeshed. And as Europe prepares for the catastrophe of war, the final private tragedy which will shatter the complacency of the Waldens is acted out.

Utdrag ur boken:
A distant corner of his mind protested: But I'm never frightened.
Medelbetyg: 4 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av The Man From St. Petersburg :
2015-04-24 20:05
I like Ken Folletts way to write and that there are so many facts in the novel. There is so much historical events and everything around. Women who fought for suffrage in England and England who wanted the Russians on their side if there was a war. Amidst all this, the story of the aristocrat and his family, who had very close ties to Russia. The novel takes place before the First World War and I found it very readable
Betyg 4

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