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Bad Men

Författare: John Connolly
Genre: Thriller, Horror
ISBN: 9780743487856

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'Bad Men is thoughtful, dark and absolutely addictive' -- Irish Times 'John Connolly writes like an angel, but about evil men and their diabolical deeds... Written with some style and by a man completely at ease with his work, Bad Men is probably John Connolly's best novel yet. It is five-star chill with enough menace to keep the pages turning well into the wee small hours.' -- Irish Times 'Will the film version be directed by John Carpenter or Quentin Tarantino? ... Connolly spins his gruesome yarn with relish' -- Mail on Sunday 'a unique blend of crime and horror' -- Crime Time 'In the crowded killing fields of crime fiction, John Connolly has quickly and decisively established himself as a unique voice. With BAD MEN he does it again, giving us a powerful story that is dark, daring and original. This one is his best.' -- Michael Connelly 'Think Thomas Harris by way of Stephen King: haunting, compelling, but not for the faint of heart.' -- Publishers Weekly 'Connolly writes like a poet ... A stylish darkness sucks you under.'
Medelbetyg: 3 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av Bad Men :
2009-01-05 14:22

When I finished reading J. Macberry’s “Ghost Road Blues” and started reading “Bad Men” I’d a feeling that both books had something in common. For that reason I waited until I finished John Connolly’s book to have a better idea of how good or bad J. Macberry’s “Ghost Road Blues” was.

What these two novels have in common is that both deal with the supernatural and horror and both are thrillers. As for as quality goes I would say that J. Macberry is not a threat to John Connolly, at least with “Ghost Road Blues”.

“Bad Men” is a so-so thriller with a good moments of suspense although I didn’t find the story compelling. What I really didn’t like was that I guessed to many times what was about to happen, not many surprises here. That doesn’t happen when reading a good mystery.

I liked “Bad Men” as it served as escapism from the Charlie Parker’s series, but I would rather read a book that leaves me dumbfounded, with the feeling that force you to say: “shit… I didn’t see that coming”.

Betyg 3

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