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The Black Angel

Författare: John Connolly
Genre: Crime Fiction, Horror
ISBN: 0743487877

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Detective Charlie Parker returns in this sixth thriller, in which he searches for a kidnapped young woman, whose disappearance is linked to a mythical object known as the Black Angel--an object that may contain the secret of Parker's own origins.

Medelbetyg: 5 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av The Black Angel :
2008-08-18 21:25

“I won’t bring harm upon you and my daughter, not by my choosing, yet still it comes. That’s what I’m afraid of. It has found me before, and it will find me again. I am a danger to you, and to our child, and I think you know that”

“We are coming apart”

“I love you, but we are coming apart”

I really admire John Connolly’s writings skills, and even more, his dark and good hearted hero, Charlie “Bird” Parker. After five books I feel for him as though he was a beloved friend of mine. It’s quite strange because until now he is the only fictional character that has moved me in such relentless way. For the same reason and the fact that Charlie Parker is mostly sad and in pain I wish things could develop in a different way for him. Strange, isn’t?

I think “The White Road” was, a bit, less than “The Killing Kind”, but with “The Black Angel” John Connolly has written his most ambitious mystery yet and arguably his best.
The only aspect of the book I didn’t like was that too many pages were wasted on unimportant characters. I can understand that the stories behind the pimp and the WWII soldiers and their families had their points, but not the way John Connolly gave life to them. Even more was I bothered of the fact that the author tried to personify these characters transforming his voice (the voice of Charlie Parker) into the one of a gangsta-pimp and two old odious guys.

Besides that I loved “The Black Angel”. And to anyone who is going to embark themselves into the world of Charlie Parker, read this series in order. Please don’t make the mistake of reading any of these books as standalones, specially “The White Road” and “The Black Angel”

Betyg 5

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