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The Unquiet

Författare: John Connolly
Genre: Crime Fiction, Horror
ISBN: 9781416531388

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In the aftermath of a once-respected psychiatrist's disappearance and the discovery of harm he had inflicted on his child patients, private detective Charlie Parker finds himself torn between those who would reveal and protect the doctor's secrets, a case that is complicated by the machinations of a vengeful killer.
Medelbetyg: 5 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av The Unquiet :
2008-08-25 22:08

“The Unquiet”. The best mystery I’ve read this year, 2008. Hands down!

― Am I happy? Yes!

I usually don’t read reviews of the books I am about to read, but in this case, I wasn’t able to contain myself. I read amongst other things that “The Unquiet” was depressing, had no humour and that Charlie Parker’s tormented soul was like never before.
So, before I started reading this book I was waiting less than “The Black Angel” and “The Killing Kind”, which I consider the best books in the series. My fears disappeared as soon as I started reading “The Unquiet”. This new Charlie Parker adventure is not perfect, but in my humble opinion is a lot closer to that status than any of the other John Connolly’s novels.

Yes… it is depressing!
Yes… it has a bit of lees humour!
And Yes… the soul of the main character is in pieces.

But honestly, what do you expect when the main issue of the book is none less than “the sexual abuse of children”. You want to laugh? See Adam Sandler’s “You Don't Mess with the Zohan”. It’s a quite stupid movie but I laughed a lot.

This is real Crime Fiction seen through fictional words based on true reality. This time John Connolly left most of his supernatural horror atmosphere aside and brought “the true” evilness of this world. The kind mankind brings upon us, the kind that really scares me.

Not everything is lost for Charlie Parker though; the last part of the book tells me that better and happier days will arrive for our dark anti-hero.

Betyg 5

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