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The White Road

Författare: John Connolly
Genre: Crime Fiction, Horror
ISBN: 0743456394

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John Connolly's harrowing Charlie Parker adventures continue in The White Road, a bleak modern gothic tale detailing the tortured detective's metaphorical journey into the unthought of depths of the underworld as he follows a trail of horrors in America's deep South. Doggedly loyal to old friends and stubbornly supportive of lost causes, Parker encounters his own ghosts in a place where atmosphere alone would murder hope. The chilling preacher Faulkner is again a dark presence in the background while Parker's friends, Angel and Louis, damaged and deadly, follow their own avenging trail. There can be no greater compliment to Connolly's powers of description than to say that no US writer could improve on the Irish journalist's masterly summoning of the roots of American regional evil and sense of place. Superb storytelling that binds diverse and hypnotic strands of plot with Biblical overtones and fury. The villains are larger than life and diabolically unforgettable: from the strange and menacing Mr Kittim to deformed killer Cyrus Nairn, both of whom lead Parker down one shadowy road after another. Compelling adventures from start to finish, if the very stuff of waking nightmares. The dark side has never proven so damn seductive.
Medelbetyg: 4 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av The White Road :
2008-07-26 16:51

“… for I was the one who arrived when all hope was gone, offering nothing but… more grief and pain and a knowledge that perhaps would make ignorance appear like a blessing ”

John Connolly is one of my favourites Crime Fiction authors. His beautiful sort of noir-poetry is something not many writers in the genre can offer. He blends the PI style of writers like Raymond Chandler and Ross MacDonald, scary supernatural events and characters with such evilness and sickness that Hannibal Lecter appears like child game.

Beware of “The White Road” though. Do not read it under any circumstance if you haven’t read “The Killing Kind”. If you’re new to John Connolly, start the series of Charlie “Bird” Parker with “Every thing Dead” and get on with “Dark Hollow”.
“The White Road” is too connected to “The Killing Kind”, it will have a better meaning, believe me, if you’ve read the previous book.

The plot takes place both in Maine and South Carolina and it brig up issues such as racism, the black communities in the south, Jews, the KKK, rightwing Christians and the closure that “The Killing Kind” needed about Faulkner.

Louis: "So how we doin'?"
Charlie Parker: "Same as usual: dead people, a mystery, more dead people."

I love it!

Betyg 4

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