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Black Hills

Författare: Nora Roberts
Genre: Thriller
Ämnesord: filosofi, mat, hälsa, mord, psykologi, natur, historia, kärlek, kultur, spänning, ungdom
ISBN: 9780749928940

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Cooper Sullivan and Lil Chance were unlikely childhood friends - thrown together each summer when Coop visited his grandparents' South Dakota ranch. But with every year, their friendship deepened from innocent games to stolen kisses and the promise of something special...until fate, and a terrible tragedy, pulled them apart.
Twelve years later Coop - now a private investigator in New York - returns to the ranch to care for his grandparents. Through the memory of Coop's touch still haunts her, Lil has let nothing stop her dream of opening a wildlife refuge on her family's land. But someone else has been keeping a close watch on Lil Chance, and Coop's return has unleashed more than just old passions. There's a hunter lurking out in the Black Hills, and Lil and Coop have been singled out as prey...

Utdrag ur boken:
"He also picked you because you know the land. You can track and hunt and elude. So you're a major prize.
Medelbetyg: 4 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av Black Hills :
2015-01-30 21:27
I liked this the book very much.

The first love is something great. The feelings will ease back if we meet again later in life. It describes emotions run high and disappointments very well that come to the surface.
It was also fascinating to learn about the cat animals were included in the story. And take part of a psychopath performances.
The book begins as a love story, but it turns out to also be a thriller with high class.

Nora Roberts has once again made me just to read when I would do otherwise. She is superb as a writer.
Betyg 4
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