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This Charming Man

Författare: Marian Keyes
Genre: Roman
Ämnesord: kärlek
Utgivningsår: 2008
ISBN: 0718149122

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Lola Daly has just found out that her boyfriend - gorgeous, charming and powerful politician Paddy de Courcy - is getting married. To someone else. Heartbroken, Lola flees Dublin to a cottage in the countryside. Can a new set of friends help her to get over him? Journalist Grace Gildee wants the inside story on Paddy de Courcy's engagement. Lola refuses to talk the press but Grace won't give up. She knew Paddy a long time ago and hasn't forgotten him. Marnie Hunter is Grace's twin sister. With a loving husband and two daughters, Marnie seems to have it all. But she's haunted by memories of her first love - Paddy de Courcy. Can Marnie leave the past behind and move on with her life? Alicia Thornton is Paddy's wife-to-be and would do anything for him. But does she know the real Paddy? Four women. One man. And a secret that binds them all.

Medelbetyg: 4 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av This Charming Man :
2008-01-16 11:12
Längtar till denna kommer :)
2009-04-10 20:05
Varm, rolig och lättläst. Underbart att läsa under lata dagar. Marian Keyes är verkligen begåvad!
Betyg 4
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