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The Thief

Författare: Clive Cussler
Genre: Roman
ISBN: 9780718158668

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Bestseller Clive Cussler - author of the "Dirk Pitt" novels "Crescent Dawn" and "Atlantis Found" - and co-author Justin Scott have legendary super-sleuth Isaac Bell protect a top-secret invention with the power to shape the course of history in the fifth novel of historical thriller series "The Isaac Bell Adventures", "The Thief". A bold kidnapping aboard an ocean liner sends detective Isaac Bell across America in a deadly game of cat and mouse...Leaving England aboard the liner Mauretania, Isaac Bell, chief investigator at the legendary Van Dorn Detective Agency, stumbles on and thwarts a kidnapping. The two victims, who have fled Europe carrying a secret invention, fear that a foreign power wishes to steal it before they can bring it to America. Bell and the Van Dorn Agency offer to protect them. And it isn't long before Bell is fighting skullduggery in the middle of the Atlantic. In New York City, as well as across the country as he and the inventors head for California, the deadly chase is on. On their trail is the murderous agent known only as the 'Acrobat', instructed to steal this world-changing invention - and kill anyone in his way...Filled with breathtaking suspense and fabulous set-pieces, this is Isaac Bell's most exciting and hair-raising adventure yet. Praise for Cliver Cussler: "The Adventure King". ("Daily Express"). "The guy I read". (Tom Clancy). Bestselling author Clive Cussler has kept readers on the edges of their seats for four decades with his thrilling action novels. As well as the "Isaac Bell" series there are also the "NUMA" and "Oregon Files" series, the "Dirk Pitt" stories (which started it all) and the "Fargo" series. Other titles in Cussler's first historical series - "The Isaac Bell Adventures" - include "The Chase", "The Wrecker", "The Spy" and "The Race" which are all available from Penguin.
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