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The Draining Lake

Författare: Arnaldur Indridason
Genre: Crime Fiction Mystery
ISBN: 9780099494140

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In the wake of an earthquake, the water level of an Icelandic lake drops suddenly, revealing the skeleton of a man half-buried in its sandy bed. It is clear immediately that it has been there for many years. There is a large hole in the skull. Yet more mysteriously, a heavy communication device is attached to it.
Medelbetyg: 3 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av The Draining Lake :
2010-12-16 21:53
I read “The Draining Lake” perhaps a year ago, but I must have forgotten to write the review. I remember the book clearly; the plot I mean, and also, that I thought it was better than “Voices”.

Arnaldur Indriðason takes the story from Iceland to the former Communist East Germany. He leaves the cold landscapes of Iceland and the life of Chief Inspector Elendur for left-wing Icelandic students and Cold War.

As usual with Reykjavik Murder Mystery series, “The Draining Lake” does not disappoint.

Betyg 3
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