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The Dying Breed

Författare: Declan Hughes
Genre: Crime Fiction Mystery
ISBN: 9780719567506

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Even the best private eye needs more than a name to find a missing person, but that's all that Father Vincent Tyrrell, the brother of prominent racehorse trainer FX Tyrrell, will offer Loy when he comes to him for help. A dwindling bank account convinces Loy to delve into the deadly underworld of horse racing, but fortune soon smiles on him: while working another case, he discovers a phone number linked to FX on a badly beaten body left at an illegal dump. Loy's been around long enough to know that there's more to the Tyrrell family than meets the eye - and then a third body appears. At Christmastime, on the eve of one of Ireland's most anticipated racing events, the intrepid investigator bets his life on a longshot: finding answers in a shady network of trading and dealing, gambling and breeding.
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Bok recensioner av The Dying Breed :
2012-10-17 08:24

What a big… BIG disappointment!

After “The Color of Blood”, Declan Hughes’ second entry in the Ed Loy series, I thought that this rather unknown Irish hardboiled Noir author was going to reach locations meant for great Crime Fiction Authors. I’m talking about James Lee Burke, old Dennis Lehane, old John Connolly or R.J. Ellory. Unfortunately it’s not going to happen with “The Dying Breed”, also known as “The Price of Blood”

There is too much to compromise if you are to believe the story behind “what happened to Patrick Hutton”. It is ridiculous how the author think that we, the readers, are going to believe in the horrific events that accumulate one after another throughout the story.

In the end it’s all about believing or not believing. Crime Fiction is just that: Fiction, but it has to be told a sense of veracity, of truth, of telling about real Criminal events with, of course, modifications so that we can find it entertaining. Fiction! Which “The Dying Breed” is not!

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