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The Silent and the Damned

Författare: Robert Wilson
Genre: Crime Fiction, Mystery
ISBN: 000711785X

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In Wilson's intricate police procedural set in Seville, Spain—the second to feature introspective detective Javier Falcón—a wealthy couple is found dead in their home: Lucia Vega has been suffocated in her own bed; her husband, construction magnate Rafael Vega, is lying on the kitchen floor, poisoned, with a cryptic note in his hand. Is it a murder-suicide—or something more sinister? Falcón's subsequent investigation reveals a vast criminal conspiracy involving the Russian mafia (crime writing's new favorite bad guys) and human trafficking for prostitution and child pornography (crime writing's new favorite transgressions). As usual, Wilson deftly deploys a vast cast of characters, from an ex-pat American couple to a popular Spanish actor, and spins his trademark web of corruption and deceit. But while Falcón is consistently compelling, struggling with his internal demons and with the challenge of ridding Seville of its moral bankruptcy, the plot itself is too complex to really be engaging. In addition, too many references to the first Falcón novel, The Blind Man of Seville, will confuse new readers. The story of one young Russian prostitute—she's promised a job as a waitress in Portugal and ends up working the streets in Spain—is a chilling reminder of the evil that men do, but her frightening tale is lost in the convoluted story.

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Bok recensioner av The Silent and the Damned :
2008-10-12 15:58

Speechless… to say the least!

Brilliant too!

The first half of “The Silent and the Damned”, if I have to be completely honest, was a bit boring for me. I think that is because of the facts that I had just finished Martin Cruz Smith’s “Wolves eat Dogs”, an amazing crime novel that deals with Chernobyl ― the worst nuclear accident in history. And because Javier Falcón isn’t the kind of main character that is easy to like. He is a bit boring.
I must confess that I didn’t like him very much either when I read “The Blind Man of Seville”, but at least I pitied him. To understand that, read the book.
When the second part of the book started everything changed. Falcón started to get result of all his inquiries and I never thought the book would end how it did. I was speechless. This hit me in such a “personal” level that I can’t feel more grateful to Robert Wilson for having written this book. I was a fan with all his others book that I’ve read, but with “The Silent and the Damned” I am more than a fan. I won’t reveal anything about the plot, but if you want to read an intelligent mystery with an astonishing ending, then give this book a try.

By the way “The Silent and the Damned” or "The Vanished Hands" is the same book, so be aware.


Betyg 5

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