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Wolves eat Dogs

Författare: Martin Cruz Smith
Genre: Crime Fiction, Mystery
ISBN: 0330442333

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Pasha Ivanov has been found dead on the pavement outside his luxury high-rise apartment in Moscow. It seems like a straightforward suicide, but Inspector Arkady Renko, never one to take evidence at face value, refuses to drop the case, and there is something puzzling him: a mountain of salt found in Ivanov's wardrobe.

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Bok recensioner av Wolves eat Dogs :
2008-10-02 22:01

I once read that by reading some books you unconsciously added a few points to your IQ. I think the author was Umberto Eco and the book, “In the Name of the Rose”. I haven’t read that book yet. I’ll though because it’s been on my bookshelf for some time now.

I wouldn’t go that far to say that by reading Martin Cruz Smith you become smarter. But, and “this” I am pretty sure about, after reading one of his books you always learn something new about a certain culture… and also, that that knowledge or reality is truthful, not fiction.
After five novels I can, without any hesitation, say that Arkady Renko is my favourite Crime Fiction character and that Martin Cruz Smith is on my top-three list of favourite authors. Hands down!

Chernobyl, or how it’s told in the Ukraine, Chornobyl, is the centre of this murder mystery. The black villages, the Zone, the red forest, post communism, capitalism. “Wolves eat Dogs” is an amazing journey to try to understand the tortured hearts of all those who suffered the worst nuclear power plant accident in history.

― Did Martin Cruz Smith manages to teach me something? To say that he did would be irresponsible and disrespectful towards the victims. No one can describe that horror. No one! But, does he give the readers something to reflect about? Most definitely!

Betyg 5

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