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Red Square

Författare: Martin Cruz Smith
Genre: Crime Fiction, Mystery
ISBN: 0345497724

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The Soviet upheavals have fueled the glowing talent of Smith (Gorky Park), America's preeminent writer of Russia-based thrillers. Investigator Arkady Renko returns from exile on the Polar Star fleet to find the new Moscow a dramatic battlefield of warlords and entrepreneurs; behind it, as still as a painted backdrop, eight million people standing in line. An ingenious bomb kills Renko's informer the banker for freewheeling black marketeers-leading Arkady's team through the quicksand of mafia-dominated official graft. His workaholic forensics expert, Polina (who must wait in line for morgue time as well as for beets), identifies the bomb method, leading Arkady too close for aparatchik comfort. He is bumped from the case, but only after a clue from the dead man's fax (Where is Red Square?) points him toward a Munich connection. Meanwhile, he is stunned to hear his lost love, Irina, on Munichbased Radio Liberty and with his last bit of clout wrangles a barely official trip to Germany. His mastery of the Russian system stymies the Munich embassy and reunites him with Irina in the midst of nasty fellow citizens bent on national theft. With vital aid from a Munich cop, Arkady links the fax clue to Russian bureaucrats, the ethnic Checken mafia, and German bankers. The novel paints the new post-Soviet aura through the stoic hero's wry humor and leaves Arkady and Irina perfectly poised, like Russia itself, for whatever comes nex
Medelbetyg: 5 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av Red Square :
2008-09-15 20:56

I’m being very lucky lately ! ! !

After the moving and amazing “The Unquiet” I read the excellent “Polar Star”. And now, “Red Square”, which in my opinion is better than “Polar Star” and equally fascinating as “Gorky Park”.

You have to give it to Martin Cruz Smith, the man can really write. He is not your average PI/Detective author nor does he bring cliché plots. In his books the mystery, which is the engine of the story at the beginning dissolves itself making space for stories that, at least in the Arkady Renko series, transcend the Crime Fiction genre.
Put it in others words, I think writers such as Dennis Lehane, Martin Cruz Smith, John Connolly, James Lee Burke and Robert Wilson are bringing something that could be called class or category to the Crime genre. They are blending literature with Noir Hardboiled mentality and the hybrid is something that can only do well to the Crime Fiction genre.

Next up is “Havana Bay”.

Betyg 5

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