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Stalin's Ghost

Författare: Martin Cruz Smith
Genre: Crime Fiction, Mystery
ISBN: 9780330448574

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Moscow lies deep under snow, and Arkady Renko is called in to handle a delicate matter: passengers riding the last metro of the night have reported seeing the ghost of Stalin on the platform edge. Not everyone, it seems, likes the fact that Stalin is dead ...But in the midst of a blizzard nothing is as it first appears to be. Renko's girlfriend Eva and his adopted son, Zhenya, seem to be slipping into danger. The owner of a matrimonial agency wants her husband killed. An innocent 'Russian Bride' employs a garrotte. A chess grandmaster wanders into Renko's life and leads him into the line of fire. Diehard Communists gather to sing along with Stalin. 'Red Diggers' uncover secrets buried for half century in a desolate forest and Renko discovers ghosts that have been waiting for him all his life ...As Russia swings more and more to the right, Renko is more and more out of step.
Medelbetyg: 5 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av Stalin's Ghost :
2009-06-05 08:59

Martin Cruz Smith must be one of the most underrated Crime Fiction writers. Perhaps Robert Wilson is even more underrated, but let concentrate us on "Stalin's Ghost".

As usual, Martin Cruz Smith delivers a very unusual whodunit. The book doesn’t reach to the level of “Gorky Park” or “Red Square”, but it is in a way a return to what fascinated me about “Gorky Park”, an analysis about the Russian way of life.
Back when the first book of the series of Arkady Renko came out almost everything about the old and powerful Soviet Union was a mystery, at least for me, now we know a lot more about everything thanks to our modern communication system, yet still, I was once again fascinated about what Martin Cruz Smith has to tell us through the eyes and heart of one of the most magnificent characters in Crime Fiction, Arkady Renko.

It’ll probably be a long wait until the next book in the series sees the light, but who cares, I’ll be waiting for it right here.
It’ll be a long wait until Martin Cruz Smith gets the recognition he deserves, but who cares, as long as he write books like "Stalin's Ghost", that’s all I care about.

Betyg 5

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