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A Small Death in Lisbon

Författare: Robert Wilson
Genre: Crime Fiction
ISBN: 0425184234

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Nazi wartime deals and the murder of a young girl in modern-day Portugal are linked with stunning originality and suspense.
1941. Klaus Felsen, forced out of his Berlin factory into the SS, arrives in a luminous Lisbon, where Nazis and Allies, refugees and entrepreneurs, dance to the strains of opportunism and despair. Felsen's assignment takes him to the bleak mountains of the north where a devious and brutal battle is being fought for an element vital to Hitler's bliztkrieg. There he meets the man who plants the first seed of greed and revenge that will grow into a thick vine in the landscape of post-war Portugal.

Late 1990s. Investigating the murder of a young girl with a disturbing sexual past, Inspector Ze Coelho overturns the dark soil of history and unearths old bones from Portugal's fascist past. This small death in Lisbon is horrific compensation for an even older crime, and Coelho's stubborn pursuit of its truth reveals a tragedy that unites past and present. Robert Wilson's combination of intelligence, suspense, vivid characters, and mesmerizing storytelling richly deserves the international acclaim his novel has received.

Medelbetyg: 4,5 (2 röster)
Bok recensioner av A Small Death in Lisbon :
2008-02-27 17:23


“A Small Death in Lisbon” ranks its self up there amongst books like Mystic River and Gorky Park.

This is that good!

Part who-du-nit mystery and historical novel Robert Wilson is a superb crime fiction writer. He is going to the top with Cruz, Lehane, Burke and Connolly.

No doubt about it!

A page turner not because you want to know about the mystery, but because this book is just a pleasure to read. And when the end comes you’ll have the same feeling you got when you realized who the real Keyser Söze in "The Usual Suspects" was... SO GOOD!

Highly recommended!

Betyg 5
2010-08-25 16:49
En förstklassig deckare och en mycket bra bok! Jag är helt såld på berättarstilen, de fantastiska personskildringarna, själva handlingen, de mysiga lisbonmiljöerna, ja, nästan på allt. Men boken faller lite på slutet och därför en fyra. Det är så synd att Wilson inte översatts till svenska (så vitt jag vet)!
Betyg 4

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