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The Gum Thief

Författare: Douglas Coupland
Genre: Roman
Ämnesord: depression, humor, kärlek
Utgivningsår: 2007
ISBN: 1596911069

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In Douglas Coupland's ingenious new novel - a kind of "Clerks" meets "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" - we meet Roger, a divorced, middle-aged 'Aisles Associate' at a Staples superstore, condemned to restocking reams of 20lb bond paper for the rest of his life. Roger's coworker, Bethany, in her early 20s and approaching the end of her Goth phase, faces fifty more years of sorting the red pens from the blue in Aisle Six. One day, Bethany discovers Roger's notebook in the staff room. When she opens it up, she discovers that this old guy who she's never considered to be quite human is writing mock diary entries pretending to be her - and spookily, he is getting her right. These two retail workers then strike up an extraordinary epistolary relationship. Watch as their lives unfold alongside Roger's work-in-progress, the oddly titled "Glove Pond", a Cheever-era novella gone horribly, horribly wrong. The first and only story of love and looming apocalypse set in the aisles of an office supply superstore, "The Gum Thief" reveals the comedy, loneliness and strange comforts of contemporary life.

Utdrag ur boken:
It's amazing how you can be a total shithead, and yet your soul still wants to hang out with you.
Souls ought to have the legal right to bail once you cross certain behaviour thresholds: I draw the line at cheating at golf; i draw the line at theft over $100,000; i draw the line at bestiality.
Imagine every soul in the world... ...hitchhiknig to try to find new places to live.
All of them holding signs designed to lure you into selecting them as passengers.

...I sing
...I tell jokes
...I know shiatsu
...I know Katharine Hepburn

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