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Historisk Roman

The folded clock

Författare: Heidi Julavits
Genre: Dagbok
Utgivningsår: 2015
ISBN: 9780385538985


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A raucous, stunningly candid, deliriously smart diary of two years in the life of the incomparable Heidi Julavits
Like many young people, Heidi Julavits kept a diary. Decades later she found her old diaries in a storage bin, and hoped to discover the early evidence of the person (and writer) she d since become. Instead, "The actual diaries revealed me to possess the mind of a paranoid tax auditor." The entries are daily chronicles of anxieties about grades, looks, boys, and popularity. After reading the confessions of her past self, writes Julavits, "I want to good-naturedly laugh at this person. I want to but I can't. What she wanted then is scarcely different from what I want today."
Thus was born a desire to try again, to chronicle her daily life as a forty-something woman, wife, mother, and writer. The dazzling result is "The Folded Clock," in which the diary form becomes a meditation on time and self, youth and aging, betrayal and loyalty, friendship and romance, faith and fate, marriage and family, desire and death, gossip and secrets, art and ambition. Concealed beneath the minute obsession with dailiness are sharply observed moments of cultural criticism and emotionally driven philosophical queries. In keeping with the spirit of a diary, the tone is confessional, sometimes shockingly so, as the focus shifts from the woman she wants to be to the woman she may have become.
Julavits's spirited sense of humor about her foibles and misadventures, combined with her ceaseless intelligence and curiosity, explode the typically confessional diary form. "The Folded Clock" is as playful as it is brilliant, a tour de force by one of the most gifted prose stylists in American letters."

Medelbetyg: 4 (1 röster)

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animisha 2016-07-23 13:01
Först undrar jag varför jag ska bry mig om den här personen och vad hon är med om och tänker och tycker, men sedan är jag fast och läser intresserat på. Det är en dagbok, fast inte kronologiskt och med många tillbakablickar, och jag vet inte om jag gillar författaren som person, men jag gillar hennes röst och är nyfiken på andra böcker hon har skrivit.
Betyg 4


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