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Författare: Isaac Asimov
Genre: Science-Fiction
Utgivningsår: 1951
ISBN: 9780586010808

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It is the story of the Galactic Empire, crumbling after twelve thousand years of rule. And it is the particular story of psycho-historian Hari Seldon, the only man who can see the horrors the future has in store: a dark age of ignorance, barbarism and violence that will last for thirty thousand years. Gathering together a band of courageous men and women, Seldon leads them to a hidden location at the edge of the galaxy where he hopes they can preserve human knowledge and wisdom against all who would destroy them. Asimov went on to add numerous sequels and prequels to the trilogy, building up what has become known as the Foundation series, but it is the original three books, first published in the Forties and Fifties, which remain the most powerful, imaginative and breathtaking.
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Bok recensioner av Foundation :
2012-08-16 20:40

I wouldn’t say that this first book in the "Foundation" trilogy is not good, though, what I would say for certain is that I don’t think I will be reading the next one.

I’ve always have trouble reading old books; say from the sixties and backward. Sometimes I venture into some from Raymond Chandler or Fyodor Dostoyevsky, but most of the time the aftertaste comes in form of: I don’t really much care how people thought at time and in consequence, how they portrait the moral dilemmas, amongst other things, in their literature. In few words, I don’t feel a connection I feel for more contemporary authors such as Dennis Lehane(Crime) or William Gibson(SF).

This is science fiction you think and it's based on a story that happens in the future, well, in spite of that I feel a disconnection just as I felt when reading “Crime and Punishment”(Fyodor Dostoyevsky)

"Foundation" is a very fast-moving story about premonition and perhaps even fate in a distant galaxy. Characters pass by and are dumped very quickly, which was another problem I had with the book. Whenever I started to like someone he/she was taken away.

Perhaps for the more die-hard science-fiction fanatics, but nor for me!


Betyg 3

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