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To a god unknown

Författare: John Steinbeck
Genre: Historisk roman
Ämnesord: filosofi, depression, mat, hälsa, mord, musik, religion, natur, historia, kärlek, kultur, california
ISBN: 9780140187519

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While fulfilling his dead father's dream of creating a prosperous farm in California, Joseph Wayne comes to believe that a magnificent tree on the farm embodies his father's spirit. His brothers and their families share in Joseph's prosperity and the farm flourishes - until one brother, scared by Joseph's pagan belief, kills the tree and brings disease and famine on the farm. Set in familiar Steinbeck country, "To A God Unknown" is a mystical tale, exploring one man's attempt to control the forces of nature and to understand the ways of God.

Utdrag ur boken:
And the stream was gone. He sat quietly down and put his hand in the bed. The gravel was still damp, but no water mowed out of the little cave any more.
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Bok recensioner av To a god unknown :
2015-06-14 18:11
The story of Joseph and his quest to build a large farm with beef cattle begins a little tentative but when his brothers are coming happens the more. The religious will be problems. Joseph worships nature, and finally he becomes alone in an increasingly desert-like area.
It was interesting to read this book of the 1962 winner of the Nobel Prize in literature, although I do not like so much grief and misfortune that this novel was about.
Betyg 3
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