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The worry website

Författare: Jacqueline Wilson
Genre: Ungdom
Ämnesord: kärlek, frågor
ISBN: 0385603088

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A wonderful collection of linked short stories, a unique production for Jacqueline Wilson, coming from a story originally published in electronic form on the Internet, and also containing a brilliant story by a 12-year-old fan, who entered a competition to write a companion story to Jacqueline's.

Utdrag ur boken:
There are lots of stepmothers in my favourite book of fairy tales. Don't go, 'Yuck, boring!' Fairy tales are seriously cool, much scarier than any X-rated video you've ever secretly watched at a sleepover. Snow White's stepmother is the scariest of all.

She doesn't look scary. She looks beautiful in the picture in my book - though her long queen's robes are spoilt because Hannah tried to colour them with purple wax crayon. I was FURIOUS. I felt like snapping the book shut and smacking Hannah round the head with it, even though she's only little and didn't mean to spoil the picture.

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2006-03-30 17:22
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