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The diamond girls

Författare: Jacqueline Wilson
Genre: Ungdom
Ämnesord: ungdom
ISBN: 0385606079

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"You're all my favourite diamond girls," said mum. "Little sparkling gems, the lot of you..."

Dixie, Rochelle, Jude and Martine - the diamond girls!
They might sound like a girl band but these sisters' lives are anything but glamorous. They've moved into a terrible house on a run-down estate and after barely five minutes Rochelle's flirting, Jude's fighting and Martine's storming off. Even though Dixie's the youngest, she's desperate to get the house fixed up before mum comes home with her new baby! Will the diamond girls pull together in time for the first diamond boy?

Utdrag ur boken:
We all stared at her. She was flopping back in her chair, slippered feet propped right up on the kitchen table amongst the cornflake bowls, tummy jutting over her skirt like a giant balloon. She didn’t look capable of moving herself as far as the front door. Her scuffed fluffy mules could barely support her weight. Maybe she needed hot air underneath her and then she’d rise gently upwards and float out of the open window.

‘Quit staring at my stomach, Dixie,’ Mum snapped.

‘How can she help staring?’ said Jude. ‘It’s so gross.’

‘Oh yuck, it’s moving!’ Rochelle squealed.

Mum cradled her tummy, patting the little bulgy bit wiggling about beneath her navel. I hoped it wouldn’t wiggle too much. Mum’s navel looked ready to pop out like a cork.

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