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Författare: Jacqueline Wilson
Genre: Ungdom
Ämnesord: skiljas åt
Utgivningsår: 2006
ISBN: 0563510250

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Floss loves spending weekends with her dad in his greesy spoon café, even if it isn't the smartest place in town and only has three regular customers. Even Floss's best friend Rihannon turns her nose up at it. When Floss's mum and her new husband Steve move to Australia, Floss faces a difficult choice, but decides to stay at home with dad. He's not much good at ironing school clothes or putting up garden swings, but they muddle along happily on a diet of chip butties and candyfloss from the local funfair. But then disaster strikes and they find themselves homeless. Will their new fairground friends help them out? Could dad and Floss be destined for a life on the road?
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2006-04-11 11:19
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