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A Quiet Vendetta

Författare: R. J. Ellory
Genre: CRime Fiction, Cosa Nostra
ISBN: 9780752877402

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'Beautifully written, this is a novel to get lost in, a novel to savor and one that is a long ride into the darkness, and if you recall reading Mario Puzo's The Godfather as a teenager [as I did], then this powerful book will make you relive that memory - Masterful but beware of the brutality, because it comes out of the most literate prose I have read for many years.' -- Ali Karim SHOTS 'Ellory got his thirller writingo ff to a good start with Candlemoth and followed up tidily with Ghostheart. This book, though, should propel him right up there to battle it out with the big boys ... a satisfying puzzler, and you'll be turning the pages at a brisk rate.' LADSMAG 'With exquisite pace and perfect timing, Ellory has given us a piercing assessment of the nature of love, loyalty and obsessive revenge, not to mention a deep understanding of la cosa nostra.' -- Matthew Lewin THE GUARDIAN 'Ellory's entrancing tale weaves the two storylines together, keeping you turning the pages ... this is one of the best mafia reads since mario Puzo's Godfather' BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY MERCURY 'This is a beautifully written, atmospheric novel that warps effectively between a hugely enjoyable thriller and an authentic recreation of the claustrophobic Mob world of brutality and paranoia.'
Medelbetyg: 4 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av A Quiet Vendetta :
2010-06-01 07:48

This is not an easy review for me, believe me.

Have “A Quiet Vendetta” been my first experience with R.J. Ellory, hands down I’d have given it 5 stars, hell, even 100 stars. This book is truly excellent.
But when all come down to expectations and if those are of the finest kind then it’s not difficult to fall short. And I think that’s exactly what happened in this case.

The aftermath of having read “A Simple Act of Violence” was great. I thought I was lucky to come across such a great Crime novel. It’s not easy to put an unknown author among your favorites after only one book, but R. J. Ellory gave me the kind of satisfaction authors such as Martin Cruz Smith and Robert Wilson had given me in the past.
That being said… “A Quiet Vendetta” had a lot of weight to bear on its shoulders. A lot!

The novel, like I said before is truly excellent, but there are a few things that spoil the superb dark and almost claustrophobic atmosphere of such amazing organized crime tale. Because that is what “A Quiet Vendetta” is — a superb journey through more than 50 years of La Cosa Nostra.

I’ve read a lot of reviewers that compare “A Quiet Vendetta” to “The Godfather”. That’s completely wrong, because while R.J. Ellory’s book is an in-your-face Mafia story, Mario Puzo’s feels glamorous in comparison.

So what is it that I don’t like about this “amazing” book?
I think the fact that R.J. Ellory wanted to give the plot a great twist at the end spoils the superb story about Ernesto Cabrera. It feels like a cheap ending à la “The Usual Suspect”. The other part of the plot I find forced is the story behind Ray Hartman.

Anyway, I’ll say this for the third and last time, “A truly excellent crime novel”, but in my case it all came down to wanting to read a perfect book about La Cosa Nostra.

Betyg 4

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