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City of Lies

Författare: R. J. Ellory
Genre: Roman
Ämnesord: , crime fiction
ISBN: 9780752880891

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John Harper has always been alone. His mother died when he was just seven years old and he was raised in New York by an aunt he barely knew. He never even made his father's acquaintance - a man who died shortly after he was born. After leaving the Big Apple as soon as he was old enough, his life consisted of one moderately successful book, a collection of affectionately received newspaper columns and a comfortable existence in Miami. Then everything changes. A liquor store heist goes wrong - and turns John's existence on its head. It seems that his father didn't die all those years ago. In fact, he has thrived in the New York underworld. But now the man himself lies critically injured in a Manhattan hospital and it's time for father and son to meet at last ...
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2011-09-08 14:51

“City of Lies”(4) is my fifth encounter with British Crime Fiction writer R. J. Ellory. I started with “A Simple Act of Violence”(6), a mystery I find fascinating, and worked my way back to “A Quiet Belief in Angels”(5), another triumph, and “A Quiet Vendetta”(3), perhaps the best fiction tale about La Cosa Nostra together with “The Godfather”. I recently read “The Anniversary Man”(7), another compelling mystery.
I would say that “City of Lies” has more in common with “A Quiet Vendetta” than “A Simple Act of Violence” or “The Anniversary Man”. I would also say that this is the weakest book I’ve read from this author, which hopefully means that R. J. Ellory has gotten better since he wrote it.
There were too many events during the story to which I´d to compromise. I also felt that more than a few pages could’ve been cut out without spoiling the book. These are issues the three latest releases I’ve read don’t have.
I’ve already bought “Saints of New York”(8) and I´m positive that it will show that R.J. Ellory is one of the best Crime Fiction writers at the moment, which perhaps means that a book like “City of Lies” is just one of the steps he needed hit in order to accomplish that.

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