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Envy the Night

Författare: Michael Koryta
Genre: Thriller, Crime Drama
ISBN: 9780312357412

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Three months before his high school graduation, Frank Temple III joins the rest of the world in learning of his father's covert career, one that culminated in suicide to avoid prosecution and prison. For the younger Temple, it triggered seven years of anonymous drifting, still unable to believe the father he'd loved so dearly was entirely in the wrong. Then Frank's attempts to bury the past are interrupted by a message: Devin Matteson, the man who lured Frank's father into the killing game only to later give him up to the FBI, is returning to the isolated Wisconsin lake that was once scared ground for both families.It's a homecoming Frank knows he can't allow. But when he arrives at the lake with vengeance on his mind he discovers that while Matteson is in a hospital a thousand miles away, recovering from a gunshot wound, his old cabin is indeed his wife and a nervous man with a gun. When a pair of assail - ants from Miami arrive on their heels, Frank knows Matteson can't be far behind. Family secrets, mob hit-men, and a father's shadowy legacy combine to make this Koryta's most compelling thriller yet.
Medelbetyg: 2 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av Envy the Night :
2009-10-27 13:06

Michael Koryta is a young, talented author whose writing career started like a dream. Everything suggests that he will be able to sit beside great Crime Fiction Mystery writers such as D. Lehane, John Connolly or J.L. Burke. That’s something I truly believe in, but it isn’t going to happen if he writes books like “Envy the Night”.

Michael Koryta’s best book is without any doubt “A Welcome Grave”, a mystery that I devoured in only two days and that left me wondering what this guy would be capable of in the future. My only complaint is that Michael Koryta hadn’t been able to give Lincoln Perry (main character), within three novels, the likeable qualities of main characters like: Charlie “Bird” Parker, Dave Robicheaux, or Arkady Renko, but beside that, kudos for Mr. Koryta.

“Envy the Night” is Michael Koryta’s first stand-alone novel, but it is also his first suspense/thriller novel. I had the hope that since Lincoln Perry wasn’t part of the plot, the new main character could have better charisma, but I was wrong.
“Envy the Night” is a boring blend of Crime drama and action packed thriller and main character Frank Temple III lacks too many of the good qualities that the aforementioned characters possess.

There is no mystery to resolve and as in most suspense/thriller books I’ve read there is no surprise and although you expect that someone has to die, it is never the main character. So I wonder, what is the idea to write so many scenes in which people want to kill him?.
The plot if sort of flat and there are too many characters that hinder the development of the story, which by the way is already slow.

Michael Connelly says: “… and this (“Envy the Night”) is his best yet”. George Pelecanos seems to have the same impression. I don’t get it!

If Michael Koryta, in some way, thought that he was ready to write his own “Mystic River” or “Gorky Park”, he failed in biblical proportions.

Betyg 2

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