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A Welcome Grave

Författare: Michael Koryta
Genre: Crime Fiction... Noir
ISBN: 0312340117

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Twenty-three-year-old Koryta was nominated for a 2005 Edgar for his first Lincoln Perry novel Tonight I Said Goodbye (2004). Though Koryta was a criminal-justice major in college, his lean prose would do any English department proud. In this third installment in the series, Perry, a Cleveland cop-turned-PI, faces his most personal case: the brutal slaying of Alex Jefferson, a lawyer who married Karen, Perry's one-time fiancee. Perry's grudge against Jefferson is no secret; he once assaulted the attorney and lost his police badge as a result. In the wake of Jefferson's murder, Karen hires Perry to find the victim's long-estranged son. Perry soon finds himself the chief suspect in Jefferson's murder, framed by a pair of nefarious souls with both motive and means. Perry's gruff but shrewd partner, Joe (also a former cop), proves instrumental in the investigation. But since taking a bullet to the shoulder, he is not so sure he wants to return to his job full-time. Koryta's villains occasionally border on caricature, but that does little to distract from this otherwise top-notch thriller.
Medelbetyg: 5 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av A Welcome Grave :
2008-07-26 17:44

Michael Koryta got 3 stars for “Tonight I Said Goodbye”, 4 stars for “Sorrow Anthems” and now 5 stars for his third book. Do the math, one extra star for each book. Not bad ah, especially for a guy that’s what 23 or 24 years of age?

Are we in front of a mayor Crime Fiction Mystery talent? I do think so!

“A Welcome Grave” is a very clever and entertaining mystery. It will surely catapult the author to the universe of Dennis Lehane and John Connolly. Perhaps Michael Koryta lacks the noir-poetry of Connolly and the social view and hardboiled aura of Lehane, but when it comes to the plot, “A Welcome Grave” is Koryta’s most remarkable Lincoln Perry and Joe Pritchard Crime novel.
Every time you think you are near the truth you will be wrong. You’ll never be able to guess who the culprit is, and if you do, then you’re good, actually, very good.

I’ll be waiting for “Envy the Night”, Michael Koryta’s first stand.

Betyg 5

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