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Mrs Fry's Diary

Författare: Stephen Fry
Genre: Humor
Ämnesord: humor
Utgivningsår: 2010
ISBN: 9781444720785

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Stephen Fry's secret wife speaks out at last...

Stephen Fry - actor, writer, raconteur and wit. Cerebral and sophisticated, a true Renaissance man.

Or is he?

Finally, his secret double life - the womanizing, the window-cleaning, the kebabs, the karaoke - is exclusively revealed by Edna, his devoted wife and mother of his five, six or possibly seven children. These diaries take us through a year in the life of an unwitting celebrity wife, and are rumoured to include:
* Scandalous nocturnal shenanigans
* advice on childcare
* 101 things to do with a tin of Spam

"Buy the wife's book or I'll never hear the end of it" - Stephen Fry

"I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train." - Oscar Wilde

"A good diary should be like a good husband - a constant companion, a source of inspiration and, ideally, bound in leather." - Edna Fry

Utdrag ur boken:
May 16 Monday
Dear Diary, this is my first ever experimental 140 character entry. I only hope that's enough to relate the unbelievably exciting event that

17 Tuesday
Apparently not. Perhaps I shouldn't waste characters by writing Dear Diary. Then I might have enough left to mention the extraordinary thing

18 Wednesday
Oh dear, I don't think I'm getting the hang of this at all. Maybe it's the worry of not knowing where Stephen is that's causing the problem.

19 Thursday
Oh. Maybe I can do it. I must say, after all our ups & downs and in & outs, it's not Stephen's waywardness that hurts. It's his enormous di

20 Friday
sregard for my feelings.

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Bok recensioner av Mrs Fry's Diary :
2012-03-28 09:46
Fry agerar i denna bok som om han var sin egen hemliga fru, Edna Fry, som inte har en aning om makens mer sofistikerade liv inom kulturen utan tror att han är en frilansande fönstertvättare/taxichaufför som gillar karaoke och öl. Hon berättar om deras gemensamma liv med de sex eller sju barnen samt vilken variant av Spam de ska få till middag. Gillar man Fry's humor är detta en guldgruva.
Betyg 3

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