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The Secret Servant

Författare: Daniel Silva
Genre: Political Thriller
ISBN: 9780141031385

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Assassin, art-restorer and spy, Gabriel Allon, is summoned once more by his masters to undertake what appears to be a routine assignment: travel to Amsterdam to purge the archives of a murdered Dutch terrorism analyst. But once in Amsterdam, Gabriel soon discovers there is a conspiracy of terror festering in the city's Islamic underground, a plot that is about to explode on the other side of the English Channel, in the middle British capital.
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Bok recensioner av The Secret Servant :
2009-08-14 16:15

I´m a great mystery fan, that’s what I’ve always told myself anyway.
I thing I’ve read, in the recent past, a few thrillers though. I certainly wasn’t aware that these books were in essence thrillers, but ignorance have cure, you know. So doing a PI job over the internet I started looking for thriller authors. I didn’t want an author that flirted with both genres so I came with two suitable candidates for the role, Daniel Silva and Barry Eisler.
I chose Silva’s “The Secret Servant”, which is the seventh book in the Gabriel Allon series, because it was the only book I found when being in downtown Stockholm.
This book is certainly not a mystery, the plot is actually quite simplistic, but as soon as I started reading it I was glued to the book and the pages started to turn very, very fast. A rollercoaster of fast paced action and twists that will leave you, at times, breathless. A guy over the net said that thrillers have to give you a thrill, in contrast to mystery books that are based in the “surprise”.

So kudos to Mr. Silva! I certainty got thrilled!

If his other books are super entertaining political thriller such as “The Secret Servant” then I’m a fan.
We will see that soon!
Comparing this book to the thrillers I’d read before, it’s by far the best I’ve read. And to get some proportion of that statement you´ve to think that were are talking about books such as: The Day of the Jackal (Forsyth), The Eye of the Needle (Follet), Black Cross (lles), The Amber Room (Berry), Point of Impact (Hunter) and The Blade Itself (Sakey), amongst others.

So, once again, kudos to you Mr. Daniel Silva!
(For more references, check the review of “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold”)

Betyg 3

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