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Remembering Babylon

Författare: David Malouf
Genre: Historisk roman
Ämnesord: politik, psykologi, historia, spänning, ungdom, äventyr
Utgivningsår: 1993
ISBN: 0679749519

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Remembering Babylon begins in status quo. Three children are out playing with a dog. The dog finds a strange looking man who runs away and screams “Do not shoot” “I am a B-b-british object!”. The man, Gemmy, comes from England but was cast ashore in Australia when he was thirteen. Since then he has grown up with the aborigines. Gemmy is now taken in by the family of the children who found him, the McIvor’s. He is as insecure with his own identity as the settlers of the village are.
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Bok recensioner av Remembering Babylon :
2008-01-17 12:42
I have probably learned more about Australia by reading this book then I have ever learned in any lesson. Remembering Babylon has everything I love in books. It’s psychoanalytical, political, historical and romantic? without being narrow minded.

Reading this book you understand some of the great difficulties that lie in leaving your home and starting a new one in a foreign country. Australia is for the settlers not only a foreign country but a completely new one. They have very little knowledge of the nature and the animals. The minister of the village, Mr. Frazer, is often out and exploring the nature. He writes so beautifully about how they should cherish what nature gives instead of bringing the British nature with them. This is to me a big question about adaptation. When the Britons brought animals to Australia they exterminated many of the native animals. The same thing can be applied on animals. Now there are just a few living tribes of aborigines in Australia that keeps their traditions alive.
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