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The Righteous Men

Författare: Sam Bourne
Genre: Thriller
Utgivningsår: 2006
ISBN: 0007203306

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Someone is killing good people. Why?

A series of murders as far apart as the backstreets of New York, the crowded slums of India and the pristine beaches of Cape Town can't be connected. Can they?

Rookie New York Times reporter Will Monroe thinks not—until his beautiful wife Beth is kidnapped. The men holding her seem ready to kill without hesitation.

Desperate, Will follows a sinister trail that leads to a mysterious cult, fanatical followers of one of the world's oldest religions - right on his own doorstep. Now he must unravel ancient prophecies and riddles buried deep in the Bible to find a secret worth killing for, a secret on which the fate of humanity may depend. But with more victims dying every hour and each clue wrapped in layers of code, time is running out...
Medelbetyg: 2,5 (4 röster)
Bok recensioner av The Righteous Men :
2007-03-20 16:59
lite väl långsökt men hyfsat underhållande.
Betyg 3
2007-12-11 12:41

This book is on the level of Steve Berry’s “The Amber Room”. In other words pure garbage! It must be that damn “The Da-Vinci Code” fever.

The only interesting part in this book is when the original story about the Righteous Men is told. But that story was written a long time ago and by another author.

This is just a mediocre author jumping on the Da-Vinci Code train. What a waste of my money and time!

Betyg 1
2008-01-25 23:56
Om den här var lite svårflirtad, så kan jag däremot rekommendera hans andra bok The Last Testament, som är flera klasser vassare.
Betyg 3
2014-07-21 13:56
Religion and murder. These words can describe the plot of this novel. It felt like it was inspired by The Da Vinci Code. The main character Will endure some incredible things.

It was interesting to hear the novel as an audio book.
Betyg 3

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