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Historisk Roman

The trouble with magic

Författare: Madelyn Alt
Genre: Deckare
Ämnesord: filosofi, mord, religion, natur, kärlek, kultur, spänning, magi
ISBN: 9780425207468
Spänning:  5
Romantik:  2
Lärorik:  6
Sorglig:  2


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Bringing a little culture to Stony Mill, Indiana Enchantments is one of the area's finest antique shops. But shop clerk Maggie O'Neill and her employer Felicity Dow do more than conjure up curios for the locals - they each possess a talent for spellbinding sleuthing...
Bored with her office job (and subsequently fired for excessive tardiness), Maggie jumps at the opportunity to work in Enchantments. She was a little weirded out when Felicity described herself as a witch, but if her boss wants to play with broomsticks and cauldrons, where's the harm? However, Maggie's first day on the job may turn out to be her last when police question Felicity in the murder of her estranged sister.
With everyone in town proclaiming Felicity's guilt faster than the Salem Witch Trials, Maggie finds herself wondering if she'll also be tied to the stake. And lately, she's been receiving messages on a spiritual frequence guiding her to prove Felicity's innocence - and to embrace her own 'charmed' life........

Utdrag ur boken:
"Damn!" i choked. The taste of dirt coated my throat and mouth, and it pissed me off.

Medelbetyg: 3 (1 röster)

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Bok recensioner av The trouble with magic :

gun 2014-11-28 16:36
The encounter difficulties to be different and to call themselves witches can lead to even more problems. This novel feels different from other detective story even though it is about a murder. Maybe it's just because there are people who have special powers that are at the center. The book is quite readable and relaxing to read.
Betyg 3


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