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Silver and Steel

Författare: Susan Amarillas
Genre: Historisk roman
Ämnesord: filosofi, politik, hälsa, psykologi, religion, natur, historia, kärlek, kultur, ungdom

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Alex Moreau commanded respect both in the wilds of Montana and in Washington's political arenas. But when Mary Clancy rolled into town ready for a fight, Alex's ordered life was turned upside down. For here was a woman whose passion stirred his blood and whose heart and soul echoed his own desire... Mary Clancy was determined to save her fledgling town, even if it meant running a railroad through Alex's beloved Crow territory. But the Crow leader radiated more charm than Satan himself, and when he pulled her into his tempting arms, Mary was afraid that the battle was already lost.
Medelbetyg: 2 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av Silver and Steel :
2012-12-11 20:30
This novel takes quite superficially up the problems that the exploitation of the land in America caused the Indians. The Indians had great area for their hunting and their lifestyle, and it had made ​​treaties that would protect certain areas of land but the whites wanted silver and railways needed to transport and clean it. The book takes up where interests collide, but most of all, to 90 percent, this is a love story. Certainly quick read but I would have liked more information about the time it describes.
Betyg 2
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