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City of Thieves

Författare: David Benioff
Genre: War Fiction Thriller
Utgivningsår: 2009
ISBN: 9780340822319

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Four months into the siege of Leningrad, the city is starving. Seventeen-year-old Lev fears for his life when he is arrested for looting the body of a dead German paratrooper, while his charismatic cellmate, Kolya, a handsome young soldier arrested for desertion, seems bizarrely unafraid. Dawn brings, instead of an execution squad, an impossible challenge. Lev and Kolya can find a dozen eggs for an NKVD colonel to use for his daughter's wedding cake, and live. Or fail, and die. In the depths of the coldest winter in history, through a city cut off from all supplies and suffering appalling deprivation, man and boy embark on an absurd hunt. Their search will take them through desolate, lawless Leningrad and the devastated countryside surrounding it, in the captivating journey of two men trying to survive against desperate odds.
Medelbetyg: 5 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av City of Thieves :
2012-08-16 19:34

This is a sort of one-time-only for me. I mean most of the time I read Crime Fiction Mystery, fantasy and SF happens once in a while. But "a novel" of what-ever as "City of Thief" is, happens rather never.

I’m happy I had the bollocks to buy this novel and read it. Great escapism! Not only because it's a book that’s different from what I’m used to read, but simply because it's a great story. A story that’s sometimes a bit unbelievable and a bit heart breaking, but it always carries, also, a bit of humor. And it's that what make this terrible and horrific tale enjoyable. Because let’s be honest, if David Benioff hadn’t used a comical undertone, then we would be reading a book that would turn our day into something very depressive. Instead we get to follow the adventure of a few people that in a really hard time of their existence did the best they could in order to survive and take a bit of revenge.

Great work!

Betyg 5

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