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My Dear I Wanted to Tell You

Författare: Louisa Young
Genre: Historisk roman
Utgivningsår: 2011
ISBN: 9780007361441

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A letter, two lovers, a terrible lie. In war, truth is only the first casualty. 'Inspires the kind of devotion among its readers not seen since David Nicholls' One Day' The Times While Riley Purefoy and Peter Locke fight for their country, their survival and their sanity in the trenches of Flanders, Nadine Waveney, Julia Locke and Rose Locke do what they can at home. Beautiful, obsessive Julia and gentle, eccentric Peter are married: each day Julia goes through rituals to prepare for her beloved husband's return. Nadine and Riley, only eighteen when the war starts, and with problems of their own already, want above all to make promises - but how can they when the future is not in their hands? And Rose? Well, what did happen to the traditionally brought-up women who lost all hope of marriage, because all the young men were dead? Moving between Ypres, London and Paris, My Dear I Wanted to Tell You is a deeply affecting, moving and brilliant novel of love and war, and how they affect those left behind as well as those who fight.
Medelbetyg: 4 (1 röster)
Bok recensioner av My Dear I Wanted to Tell You :
2012-08-10 15:43
Det är andra delen av boken som är särskilt bra. Jag engageras i Rileys och de övrigas personliga öden. Att bli rörd tycker jag är det bästa med läsning av skönlitteratur.
Betyg 4
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